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We brand our establishment as Salash Kitchen “salash means rustic in old Turkic-Hun Language” Welcome to truly Rustic Dining Experience. While the phrase is undoubtedly evocative, conjuring up images of cosy food in a warm and inviting atmosphere, it really only tells part of the story of the experience we’re offering.

Rustic dining realises our restaurant concept and the experience we want to impart to our customers. Here, let’s break down the greater meaning of this phrase and how it guides every facet of our offerings and service from our unique Mediterranean restaurant.

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Sunday to Monday

11:00 – 23:00

Salash Kitchen


As you walk into Salash Kitchen, you’ll be struck by the warm, inviting atmosphere. The decor is tasteful yet not too buttoned-up; we embrace eclecticism with bright colours and warmly appealing wooden tables.

While the venue is open and spacious, the charcoal grill and vertical doner kebab rotisserie offer a sense of cosiness which are not simply for rustic appeal, though: charcoal barbecue is the centrepiece for creating our unique cuisine and responsible for delivering the perfectly grilled meats, seafood, or veggies with that smoky grilled-​over-charcoal flavour,

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If there is one social space that epitomizes the Turkish experience, it is ‘meyhane’. ‘Meyhane’ is composed of two Persian words: mey (wine) and khāneh (house). Meyhane is the phenomenon of Turkish and Greek cultures, and its history goes back thousands of years. It is the Turkish version of Greek Tavern; represents more than just a place to eat; a place where a deep conversation takes a place, secrets of the hearts being spoken as the Raki flows, and where quenching the thirst of the soul matters much more than satiating the hunger of the stomach. Meyhane as we know today, where men and women sit down together around tables draped in white linen clothes, where one selects the mezes from colourful trays and where Raki/Ouzo is the first drink that comes to mind.

Creative Menu

As you browse the Salash Kitchen menu, few items will seem inaccessible or hard to understand. Yet, at the same time, nothing is boring or expected. As you read through the menu, you’ll undoubtedly notice that even the most classic or “standard” Turkish or Greek dishes always have a unique spin that makes them unique or special.


As you can see by reading the above, “rustic dining” is not just a marketing term for Salash Kitchen. Instead, it’s a guiding principle and overarching concept. We try to align each and every offering to align with this concept.